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Varstiy Club
Leadership as Defined by the Varsity Club

Leadership as Defined by the Varsity Club

L Loyalty, Learner, Long term vision
E Eagles Respect
A Academics, Accountability, Advance planning
D Dedication, Determination, Discipline
E Enjoyment, Enthusiasm, Excellence
R Respect, Responsibility
S Successful, Sacrifice, Strength
H Honest, Humility, Helpful to Others
I Integrity, Influence, Involvement
P Pride, passion, Perseverance

Questions for Reflection:
Do your words and actions align?
Are you setting the standards for your program?
Are you mentally tough?
Do you stay enthusiastic and positive no matter what?
Do you know who you are?
Do you know what you stand for?

Seven Characteristics of Leadership
First to lead by example and last to violate team standards
First to encourage and last to discourage
First to be a lifeline to communication and last to be disconnected
First to draw attention to the team and last to draw attention to themselves
First to protect and defend your teammates and last to criticize
First to confront violations of team standards and last to ignore them
First to serve and last to be served